Canadian journalists have shown open contempt for pain of the working class

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14 min readSep 23, 2021
Humans Being by Michael Harris 48" X 48" oil on canvas

So much about the class structure of Canadian society is being exposed by everything that’s happened over the last year and half of COVIDMANIA.

And it’s ugly.

It was apparent right at the start. Back in March of 2020, when belief in a universally deadly plague sweeping the nation could still be nominally justified, the population was officially divided into two classes: A privileged class for whom going to work was deemed far too dangerous and everyone else for whom going to work was deemed ‘essential’ for the convenience of the people in the privileged class.

If you were a lawyer, a teacher, a politician, if you worked in finance or the tech industry, the risk posed to your life by simply showing up to work was considered too great by the people in power to take the chance. If you were a minimum wage earner stocking shelves at Metro or Cosco, filling the online orders and delivering food to high earning professionals working from home… you were told the risk to your life was well worth it. Just don’t get too close to the customer when you make the delivery. They don’t like that. And wear a mask.

The fact that there was no popular uprising right there and then from the millions of people whose lives were now officially deemed less valuable in society speaks to the placidity of this servant class in Canada.

Almost immediately, everyone in Canadian media made it clear whose side they were on. And it wasn’t the side of the people most impacted by the political establishment’s newly acquired taste for authoritarian rule. After all, being a mainstream journalist in Canada meant you were one of the people in the anointed work-from-home-with-full-pay crowd. And journalists were not shy about letting everyone know it.

They embarked on what amounted to a campaign of open hostility towards people in the servant class. They stopped even attempting to disguise their contempt. They watched as basic civil liberties were stripped from their fellow citizens. As they lost their jobs. As their businesses were closed. As their children’s education and mental health were destroyed. As their insecurity and anxiety mounted. As the political establishment became increasingly comfortable…



Going to Getugly

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